Why Choose Cloth Diapers? A Personal Perspective.

IMG_0919As a mother of a 2 year old boy, I personally have experienced the decision making process of deciding whether to use disposable or cloth diapers. Since I didn’t know anyone first hand who used cloth diapers, I started my research on my own. I decided to try several different types of cloth diapering systems before making the investment. I bought pre-folds with the clips for securing, diaper covers for the pre-folds, all-in-ones and chlorine free disposables. After trying these systems, my favorite turned out to be the cloth pre-folds or fitted with a diaper cover. Although I do enjoy rotating as the situation fits. For example, During the day I mostly use the diaper covers with the fitted cloth diaper and the all-in-ones at night. Also, I use the chlorine free disposables when I’m in town with the baby. This system fits me the best.


OsoCozy Fitted Organic Diaper

Cleaning the diapers was also a big concern. I found a great diaper sprayer for the bathroom that makes cleanup so easy! After using it just a few times I had the system down perfectly! Just flush the waste down the toilet and then machine wash the diaper when you are ready.

How many diapers you will need will depend on how often you plan to wash them. My advice would be to buy enough to get you through a normal day, at least 6 diaper covers and 12 diaper pre-folds or fitted cloth diapers.

Finally, I decided to use only Organic cotton and Hemp Cloth diapers to further reduce the chemical exposure. The peace of mind was well worth the extra cost.


Kissa’s Kutie Printed Diaper Cover – Lambs

As a strong advocate of cloth diapering, I am very excited to carry cloth diapers and diaper covers at Organic Treasure! We are offering Organic Cotton Fitted Diapers and Inserts paired with the cutest diaper covers! Feel confident in your decision to use cloth diapers!

Why Choose Cloth Diapers?
1. Reduce the amount of waste in landfills
2. Reduce the manufacturing resources required for disposables:water, wood, petroleum and chlorine
3. Reduce diapering costs
4. Reduce the health risks associated with the chemicals found in disposables (use bleach & dye free disposables).


OsoCozy Fitted Organic Diaper – Newborn Set

If you decide to use cloth diapers, have fun with it and remember there are no rules! And of course, I hope Organic Treasure will be a part of the process! Good luck!

Written by Vivian Pflanzer

Owner, Organic Treasure and blog writer for Canyon Lake Nature Academy

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For more great information on cloth diapers visit: REAL DIAPER ASSOCIATION

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