Want to Stop Being Upset? Change Your Mind.

“Dr. Laura — Your ‘Spring Cleaning for Your Psyche’ series says that all emotion comes from our thoughts, so if we change our thoughts, it will change our emotions. But one of the most important things I’ve learned from you over the years is that we need to acknowledge our emotions and “feel” them, rather than ignore or stuff them–both for ourselves and our kids. I’m confused.” — Corinne

The simple answer is that there’s a difference
between honoring our feelings, and preventing them.

Once we’re feeling an emotion, we have no choice except to breathe our way through it without taking action.  You feel the emotion, in the larger

it without taking action.  You feel the emotion, in the larger
context of calm, which heals it. That’s how we release upsets and move beyond them. (And it’s why acknowledging your child’s emotions helps her to
let them go. Your empathy helps her accept and feel the upset, while your calm witnessing helps her heal it and let it go so she can move on.)

But many of us find that we’re repeatedly swamped with upsetting feelings.  Sure, we can spend all of our time breathing through them and releasing,
but there’s another way – go to the source to prevent them. And the source of an emotion is usually a thought (or a collection of thoughts, sometimes
known as a belief, viewpoint, or conclusion).

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