Sorting Through the GMO Confusion – By Robyn O’Brien

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gmo infographicThe debate over GMOs is a loaded one. The belief system on both sides can be as deep as any religion.

Scientists in the pro-GMO camp deeply believe that their inventions will solve our global food issues. The chemical companies making the GMOs sincerely promise that their products are needed to feed the world.

But will they? And is this the smartest technology for our food system?

An important question to ask is this: just as the fax machine was the predecessor to advanced technologies, will GMOs be the predecessor to something better?

To address our global food issues, from hunger and malnutrition, to obesity and food waste, we have to sort through the confusion and promises of the biotech industry about GMOs.

Consumer Reports launched this infographic to help do just that. Please share it and strike up a conversation.

When it comes to building a smarter food system, it’s a global dialogue that we need to have.

The post Sorting Through the GMO Confusion appeared first on Robyn O’Brien.
Sorting Through the GMO Confusion

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