Snail Paced Adventures In The Garden – Video

Snail Paced Adventures In The Garden – Video

Posted By Vivian

Dallas, Texas is not known for wet rainy weather but recently we have been getting swamped with record rainfall and flooding all around the State. Our garden is a work in progress but we’ve tried to create a wonderful habitat for insects, pollinators, lizards and birds, etc.  I’ve seen a snail on occasion but mostly in our pond. However, recently, due to the constant rains, the garden is being visited by very curious and hungry snails. Rarely do I see snails, much less seeing them foraging around the leaves and grass with their bodies stretched out. My 2 1/2 year old son was so excited to see “Turbo” and you will hear his commentary during the video.

This is a compilation video at it’s original speed & sound of the snails navigating the dandelions and grass. It is 6 minutes long and a wonderful opportunity to Meditate….at a snail’s pace!



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I am a blog author at Canyon Lake Nature Academy and owner of Organic Treasure, an online organic baby boutique. I am married and have an incredible 2 1/2 year old boy. I am an older mom and was raised by a Nature loving Belgian who invoked in me a passionate connection to living naturally, eating organic and living through experience. I wasn't "homeschooled" but the education that impacted my life the most was taught by my parents and the people who are closest to me. I am planning to Homeschool our son with nature based education. He is immersed daily in the garden and loves "outside"! I am excited to share with you our journey...

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