Thank You For Requesting Class Updates


Welcome to MovNat Dallas w/NATM! We are excited to share with you the many benefits of MovNat and Natural Movement.  We are adding classes and workshops regularly for you!

Check out our Saturday Classes for a great introduction to MovNat and an amazing workout.  You will learn MovNat fundamentals and progressions during each class. The beauty of MovNat is that you can use the environment to explore and use for an amazing session. You will never look at a retaining wall, grassy hill, or tree the same way again!


“MovNat expressed in it’s most pure, natural form is a complete and immersive experience with the natural world. By learning skillful and adaptable movements, nature becomes the most complete training environment available.” – Movnat


What are the benefits of MovNat?


MovNat is fundamentally about movement. We practice a comprehensive, holistic & mindful approach to the full range of natural human movement abilities. We are unique in that our movements ARE our strengthening and conditioning. The practice is for everyone. It is progressive and safe, and supports physical competence for any area of life.


We often hear this. When you reconnect with your body’s natural movement abilities – everything from getting out of bed to moving furniture, to playing with your children will feel different. You will be astonished how your body responds to practicing its natural movements. The complex and adaptable movement patterns practiced in MovNat promote a clarity and restful state for the mind. This feeling of competence, peace, and grace is the feeling of being your true self.


The foundation of learning MovNat is through our workshops and affiliate gyms. Here you will begin to explore your body’s full range of motion and agility. By practicing in a safe & controlled environment, you will start to gain the skills, strength and conditioning essential to adapt and perform in any environment.


– Eric Brown