How to Give Unconditional Love to Your Child and to Yourself

“The key is unconditional kindness to all life, including one’s own, which we refer to as compassion.”

–David R. Hawkins

ana_june_mom_and_toddler_loving_gazeAll parents know that children need unconditional love to thrive. But how can we give our children something many of us haven’t really experienced?

The answer is that each of us CAN experience unconditional love — by giving it to ourselves. We can do this by deciding that no matter what, we will love ourselves — imperfections and all. When we miss the mark of our own standards — as we all do, quite often — we can choose to give ourselves a compassionate hug, and resolve to give ourselves better support so that we can keep moving in the right direction.

Source: Aha Parenting Blog

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