Fun with our Monster Truck DIY launcher!

We ordered our organic vegetable plants from Tasteful Garden and they always come packed with these cardboard square tubes.  I’ve been eyeing them for a while and finally decided to create this “Awesome” launcher for my 2 year old son’s toy cars and trucks.  We taped several of them together and decorated with his favorite character stickers. We love watching them speed and roll in slow motion, so I created a fun compilation video for him to watch whenever he wanted. Thought we would share in the fun!  Enjoy.

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I am a blog author at Canyon Lake Nature Academy and owner of Organic Treasure, an online organic baby boutique. I am married and have an incredible 2 1/2 year old boy. I am an older mom and was raised by a Nature loving Belgian who invoked in me a passionate connection to living naturally, eating organic and living through experience. I wasn't "homeschooled" but the education that impacted my life the most was taught by my parents and the people who are closest to me. I am planning to Homeschool our son with nature based education. He is immersed daily in the garden and loves "outside"! I am excited to share with you our journey...

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  1. My friend Sue’s son, David Barnette, is a sdleior currently serving in Afghanistan. He graduated from homeschool in 2003, along with my son, Alex, who right now is spending 5 weeks at Fort Lewis, WA for Army ROTC Leadership and Evaluation Camp. Another good homeschool friend has a son who just finished his first year at West Point, another young man from our support group leaves for West Point next weekend, and another of this year’s graduates has enlisted in the Marines. These are all bright young men who are strong Christians and who love their families and their country. God bless them all.<Beth

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