FREE Impressionists Artist Study Notebooking Pages


Printable Impressionists Artist Study Notebooking Pages

I shared with you all my Classical Music Timeline sheets last time. Now, following along with this artist study theme, I’d love to share my Impressionists notebooking pages. Few and simple. Just a famous painting with space to jot down feelings, thoughts and observations.

Truth be told, we haven’t done this exercise in a while. Not formally writing things down like this anyway. But it was enjoyable to do so. I’m sure Super Hero and I will resume rather soon. It’s fun to observe a beautiful piece of art, and get in touch with how it makes you feel.  It’s interesting how it can take you into reminiscing events seemingly so unrelated.   Super Hero said Renoir’s “Two Sisters on the Terrace” reminded him of “the fun trip to the zoo”. Go figure!

free artist study notebooking pages homeschool

What’s Included in these Notebooking Pages

Download the FREE Impressionists Notebooking Pages

I hope you get to enjoy these notebooking pages too. We certainly have!

Happy masterpiece observing!

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