Atoms Under the Floorboards is out now!

Atoms under the Floorboards: The Surprising Science Hidden in Your Home is out now! 

Published worldwide by Bloomsbury (the guys who gave us Harry Potter).

“From the bookshelf that’s always dusty to the shiny shoes on your feet, I take you on a whistle-stop tour of your home, revealing fascinating science secrets like…

  • How many “pedalling” hamsters would you need to boil the water for a coffee?
  • How did a “worm” play a part in the history of radio?
  • Why can’t you cook your dinner with a cellphone?
  • Why can you see through windows but not through walls?
  • Why does your laptop get hot when its only moving part is the cooling fan?
  • What’s the connection between a wedding dress, a suspension bridge, and a bicycle?

Just like Explain that Stuff, it’s an easy read for non-scientists—adults and teenagers—and there’s little or no math.”  By Chris Woodford

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I am a blog author at Canyon Lake Nature Academy and owner of Organic Treasure, an online organic baby boutique. I am married and have an incredible 2 1/2 year old boy. I am an older mom and was raised by a Nature loving Belgian who invoked in me a passionate connection to living naturally, eating organic and living through experience. I wasn't "homeschooled" but the education that impacted my life the most was taught by my parents and the people who are closest to me. I am planning to Homeschool our son with nature based education. He is immersed daily in the garden and loves "outside"! I am excited to share with you our journey...

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