20 Things My Mom Never Knew

mommy 1968

Mom, me and my sister

I don’t talk much about the loss of my mother 16 years ago but my thoughts of her are constant. This year is especially poignant because my mother would have turned 70 this year. She died so young at the age of only 54 and was still so youthful. She was passionate about traveling and learning. She constantly talked to me about the latest and greatest technology. I remember when the FAX machines first came out in the 1980’s and she is the one that told me about it! (I guess I am dating myself now, right?)

Until 2012, when my son was born, I only kept track of time by recounting the years that had passed since her death. My son now gives me a new time clock to pace my life. Without either of these though, time just slips by like a flowing river without much anchoring me down.

My husband and baby boy

But now, with my Mom’s birthday approaching, I again reflect on the many years that have passed so quickly and couldn’t help but delve deeper into what has happened in our world since her passing and all the things she never knew about. On the personal side, she never knew that I am married to an amazing man and have a beautiful son or that my father got remarried to the fairy tale version of the “evil stepmother” or that I moved into an amazing home and grow my own veggies or that I traveled to Europe and saw her favorite place in the world, Bellagio Italy!

Even though these personal experiences do show the passage of time, the speed of change in our society from the many inventions and events over the last 16 years really do shed a light on the speed that time passes us by.

Here are a few things my Mom never knew…

1. American Idol


Kelly Clarkson wins the American Idol

2. Bluetooth or WIFI
3. Boston Red Sox winning the World Series
3. Columbine High School massacre
4. Curiosity Rover on Mars
5. Digital Video On a Mobile Device
6. Facebook, twitter, youtube, etc.


facebook & twitter

7. Google
8. GPS
9. Human Genome Project Completed
10.Hurricane Katrina
11. iphone, ipad, ipod or itunes


iphone by Apple

12. The Matrix
13. Netflix
14. Patriot Act
15. President Barack Obama
16. September 11th
17. Starbucks


Starbucks Coffee

18. Text messaging
19. Tsunamis in Southeast Asia & Japan
20. USB Flash Drive


USB Flash Drive Storage Device

Wow, in just the last 16 years all of this happened! Doesn’t that seem like a lifetime ago?  I can only imagine all the videos I would have of my Mom if I had an iphone back then and all the goofy texts we would have sent to each other. That was a different time. Good thing my memories are still sharp.

Written by Vivian Pflanzer

Owner of Organic Treasure , a Green America certified business, and Blog writer for Canyon Lake Nature Academy.


About Vivian

I am a blog author at Canyon Lake Nature Academy and owner of Organic Treasure, an online organic baby boutique. I am married and have an incredible 2 1/2 year old boy. I am an older mom and was raised by a Nature loving Belgian who invoked in me a passionate connection to living naturally, eating organic and living through experience. I wasn't "homeschooled" but the education that impacted my life the most was taught by my parents and the people who are closest to me. I am planning to Homeschool our son with nature based education. He is immersed daily in the garden and loves "outside"! I am excited to share with you our journey...

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  1. Hello Vivian,
    I don’t know if you’ll remember me, I am Dava Katherine Repka you, your sister and I went t to the same school in Cedar Hill, Texas “The White Hall School” in 1973- 1974″. I remember your mom so well day after day as she patiently taught me how to play the piano. I always appreciated her but now I really do. I am so sorry for you, your sister, dad, son, family and friends for the loss of your beautiful mom. She is a beautiful lady inside and out and she is greatly missed. I want to Congratulate you on your marriage and your and your husbands very handsome little man. He will be a fine man. I wish you a safe travels and were ever life takes you, be well- healthy and happy Vivian you’re very lucky and I am so very happy for you, you only deserve the best in life! I hope it takes you to only beautiful things. Take care. And of your husband and that handsome little man. CONGRATULATIONS ! on your job! so proud of and for you.
    Dava Repka,

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